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Romanian Sheep Cheese (Cas) - Health Benefits

22-06-2022Stefan Munteanu


Have you tried our sheep curd ('cas')?

 Obtained mainly from sheep's milk, curd is a specific Romanian product, unlike any other type of cheese. In the spring, the milk is fatter and contains additional Omega 3 and phytonutrients (beta-carotene) from fresh grass.

     Then, since it is a "young" cheese, the taste of the curd is subtle, slightly acidic, and its consistency is firm, elastic, sometimes even squeaky between the teeth, "match" it with a piece of crusty bread and some sweet tomatoes, for to get a simple and delicious seasonal meal.

     Sheep's milk is rich in minerals, containing much more calcium than any other type of milk. Regular consumption of sheep's milk helps in the fight against diseases of the bone system and saves you from food supplements. It is a very easily digestible food due to its high protein content and, at the same time, it is an important source of vitamin A, vitamin C, B2 and B12.

     It is proven that it helps the immune system function optimally, reduces the risk of heart attack and is essential in treating insomnia.


     The A&S Market you now find the best sheep's milk curd, whether you choose the salted or the unsalted one, you benefit from all the nutrients of sheep's milk.

Benefits Sheep curd

     The curd has many properties and benefits for the human body, bringing a considerable supply of proteins, fats and calcium. Sheep's milk has twice as much protein, compared to cow's or goat's milk - it contains essential amino acids that help repair tissues and the body's vitality. 


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Unsalted sheep curd - 500g – A&S Market UK (

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