Balm the vigor of the polar bear - Alevia - 250 g


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This product contains carefully selected plant extracts with beneficial effects on muscles and blood circulation. Combats back pain, tired muscles and legs, offering comfort and a sense of well-being. Thanks to the gel formula, gently massage the desired area, hydrating and caring for the skin. The ingredients present in this product can cause skin reddening reactions.


Recommended as an adjuvant in:

  • Post-exercise muscle contractions
  • Muscle soreness
  • Back pain (dorsalgia, lumbago) and swelling (edema)
  • Lumbar pain, backaches and rheumatic diseases in a painful pose
  • Arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis, polyarthritis, spondylosis, coxarthrosis, gout treatment.



Chamomile flower extract, Chamomile leaf extract, Mouse Tail flower and aerial part extract, Mistletoe leaf extract, Fennel fruit extract, Hop cone extract, Valerian root extract.



• Soothes back pain

• Reduces pain in all muscle groups

• Relaxes tense muscles

• Reduces the sensation of pain, discomfort and tension in the muscles of the neck, back, ribs (intercostal stab wounds) and calves (tired legs)

• Stimulates blood circulation


Way of ussage:

It is applied daily on the desired area in a thin film, gently massaging until it penetrates the skin. The quantity can be supplemented, along the way, until total absorption in the skin. We recommend testing the product 1 hour before first use, on a small portion of the skin. For external use only.



Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes or open wounds. It is not recommended for small children and people allergic to any of the product's ingredients. Wash your hands after use. Keep in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat (5-25°C). Dermatologically tested product. The product works by heating and reddening the skin, as well as small tingling sensations in the area where it was applied. If other effects/symptoms appear than those specific to this product, please stop using it.

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